Other general writings

An argument that university tuition fee caps should vary by subject and institution

Times Higher (5 November 2015)

‘Universities and learning analytics’

Higher Education Policy Institute (2 November 2015)

‘If we want social progress, more data must be shared’

Stats Life, Royal Statistics Society (1 April 2015)

‘Data and public policy: trying to make social progress blindfolded’

 UK’s Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission (20 March 2015): see here.

‘The great education debate’

A Demos-run education debate (December 2014). The edited transcript is here.

‘It’s good to share [data]’

Research Fortnight, 27 Nov 2014 – behind a paywall unfortunately**

‘If you want a fair inheritance tax, make it a tax on income’

The Conversation 4 Nov 2014

‘Your money or your rights: tax the super-rich or take away their political clout’

The Conversation 4 June 2013

‘Fans have more power than they think’

www.footballeconomy.com 5 Dec 2011

**The gist of the piece is that to properly assess social mobility policies, researcher needs access to data over individuals’ life-courses. This creates a challenge because researchers may generate findings that are not welcomed by some data-controllers. For instance universities may not be pleased if researchers discover that the economic return to higher education is lower than previously believed.

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